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Dyeing in progressWOMEN DYEING TO GET OUT

I am so pleased that you are curious about the processes I use to design cloth! It is a journey into color that we will explore together.

Many designs can be made using rubber bands, clips, wood blocks and clamps, pvc and string, scrunching and twisting; the options are endless to create your own unique pattern. When a group dyes together, it is always interesting for others to see what each other has used to come up with their designs.

I ask students to look into their closets and choose clothing made from natural fibers to bring in to dye. I do have white silk scarves for purchase if you don’t have something you want to alter. We provide all the materials used in the process, including resists and dyes. See the class prep handout here for more details.

I love working with groups or one on one – either way, you will end up with wonderful memories of a fabulous time with friends! Get in touch with me to set up your own Dye Lab experience here.